Fallen Angel #03 – Bud -amp; Cole Tucker -amp; Keith Webb

2 guys unload a truck with a fresh caged slave ready to fist

Fisting Network – Adam Faust -amp; Armando Cortez

Armando’s brown butt stretches as Adam stuffs it more & more

Hoodies – Leo Forte -amp; Draven Torres

Wrapping his arms around Draven Torres broad, muscular shoulders gives Leo Forte the perfect opportunity to slide his hand south and grab a handful of butt cheek. Both men are grinning as Leo fashions soft, blood red handcuffs of rope to lift Draven off the ground, but Dravens smiles turn to screams when Leo begins to attach surgical clamps to Dravens nipples. Then, the clamps start covering the rest of his body saving the final clamp for Dravens foreskin. As much as the clamps hurt going on, they hurt more coming off. Pleasure is the antidote to pain, so Leo who removes only his hoodie sucks Dravens sore cock, tenderly licks his nipples then jacks him off to a shuddering orgasm that spatters the camera lens.

Shock Treatment – Derek da Silva -amp; Tony Buff

tattooed guy gets a taste of karma as he gets a cock shock

Barefoot And Fisted – Race Cooper -amp; Sebastian Keys

Red light flashing against corrugated metal is the perfect complement to the sirens that are blaring as the camera searches for the source of the groans we hear. The groaner is dark-skinned delight Race Cooper on his back and the occasion is Sebastian Keyes fist up his ass. Besides Races plundered butt we see the upraised soles of his feet and the white contrast of the naked man wielding the fist. Race lifts his nut sack out of the way and Sebastian scoops up more lube, using his gloved hands to tease Races dark maroon rosebud into emerging. Race lifts one foot to Sebastians face, and Sebastian kisses the sole and licks the toes as if they were licorice sticks. Race turns over. He is half upright, on his knees, his washboard abs perfectly illuminated. He leans back into Sebastians smooth chest as Sebastian continues to apply bursts of pumping action with his right fist while enveloping Races torso with his left arm. Sebastian nuzzles Races ear with his beard as Race shoots a white-hot load.

Safeword – Rogue Status

Untied and left alone after being bound and persuaded into revealing his Safeword, Rogue Status regains his bearings by jacking off. Shards of light reflect off the ring in his left nipple and he holds the base of his cock in one hand while using the other to squeeze and stroke. Changing to a kneelong position, Rogue bends forward and inserts a finger in his ass. Then two fingers. Four. Then back to working his cock. A glance at the camera says I earned this, then he re-focuses his concentration on the spreading ripples of pleasure emanating from his balls to his dickhead. His slit spreads and cum starts to gush forth. He puts his soles together and creams his feet.

Safeword – Leo Forte -amp; Rogue Status

Rogue Status lies tied to a bench, naked and hard. A vat of water hangs over him, dripping drop after drop of water onto his head. Leo Forte was hoping the Chinese Water Torture would get Rogue to divulge his Safeword, but more extreme measures are called for. Leo uses wet towels to pour water over Rogue head and face. Rogue splutters, chokes and gasps but refuses to speak. Leo whips him with the corner of a wet towel, grinning and laughing, but Rogues only reply is Fuck you! Leo wraps Rogues head in a wet towel and pours more water over him. On the verge of exhaustion from the waterboarding, Rogue screams out his Safeword.

Fist And Piss – Tony Buff & Chris Yosef

Tony’s got Chris’ ass roped in a sling & ready to get packed

Dude! Where’s My Watch? – Element Eclipse -amp; Boyhous

Boyhouse reclines in a leather sling, the heavy ring in his nose resembling the chain links by which the sling is suspended. the pouch of his black jock strap has a red center, vividly recalling a lethal spider: handsome, dangerous. Element Eclipse is on his knees, toying with the hairs around Boyhous swollen and hungry hole. Element closes his lips around the hole and sucks, creating a slight mound with a crater in the center. Thats the hole that is about to receive Elements adept fist. Element works the hole first with his mouth and tongue, then he sucks Boyhous cock. Element stands with his huge cock. When Boyhous coaxes his rosebud into emerging, Element fucks him. In this case, the fucking is only the foreplay. Elements cock is followed by his fist, and the rhythm causes the sling to swing, gaining acceleration and amplitude until Elements arm is buried halfway to the elbow. Element withdraws. Boyhous rosebud swells to full bloom as he grabs his cock and directs a golden fountain onto Elements hairy chest and hard, pierced nipples. A rapid-fire sequence of sucking, fucking, rimming and fisting brings both men to a cum-soaked conclusion.

Hoodies – Angelo Marconi -amp; Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter visits his favorite playground, but the chain link fence around it does not enclose monkey bars or a swing. Sitting on a bench in a dark corner, the guy with black gloves wearing the hoodie is Angelo Marconi, and the toys he brought to play with are made to slide inside your dick. Jessie unzips his own hoodie, then his pants, to display a tanned chest with a furry treasure trail that ends where play begins: at the tip of his hard cock. Angelo intensifies Jessies arousal by sucking him, stroking his cock and massaging his balls while Jessie inserts a long surgical steel sound, then a 20-inch silicone nail into his urethra. Jessies feral groans split the air as cum flies out from his spent cock, then Angelo pulls a hardon out of his own jeans and jacks out a load to match Jessies.